Our Vision & Mission
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Our Vision & Mission

What We Do

STELA World seeks to help the world to see the unique value and benefits of solar thermal electricity generation, and to promote policy settings that will accelerate investment in the development of large-scale solar thermal power around the world.

Our Objectives

Promote on an international scale solar thermal concentration power for the production of electricity in order to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable decarbonised energy system, to the fight against climate change and to supporting economic and social development, as well as an equitable access to energy in developing countries.

Inform the main actors and political decision-makers, at all political and administrative levels (local, regional, national, European and international) about the economic value, the environmental and socio-economic benefits, and the benefits for the energy system of solar thermal concentration power.

Inform and assist multi-national and international bodies involved in energy regulatory reform and energy system development, show the value, versatility and flexibility of solar thermal concentration power in energy networks and systems, and provide information and assistance on the possibility of combining solar thermal concentration power with other energy sources to produce reliable, manageable, low-carbon electricity for the energy systems of the future.

Support and promote initiatives and cooperate with multinational and international institutions and agencies by facilitating access to information, to research results and to the best practices concerning solar thermal concentration power technology, project development and program implementation, as well as information in relation to developments in industry, and the socio-economic benefits engendered.

Support national, regional, multi-national and international initiatives aimed at the development of the solar thermal concentration power industry on an international and regional scale.

Contribute on an international and multi-national level to the promotion of the role played by solar thermal concentration electricity in energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives, in particular as regards renewable energy sources, and provide information and assistance to multi-national and international bodies involved in cooperation policies, program development and new regulation to promote the reduction of carbon pollution and the effects of climate change.

Initiate and support research and technological innovation in this field as well as the development of university and professional training programs, including positive action favouring equal opportunities to enhance the objectives.

Promote scientific and technological excellence in the design, construction, setting up and operation of facilities for the production of solar thermal concentration power.

Cooperate worldwide to promote awareness of the potential of solar thermal concentration power to contribute to sustainable development and to the fight against climate change, and also encourage the development of programs designed to carry out this potential.

Represent the solar thermal concentration power industry globally.